Private Guide - Explore Prague



If your time is limited but you’d still like to see as much as you possibly can, there is no better way to do it than to hire your own private guide.

Having your own private guide has many advantages – an individual approach, no interruptions, flexibility and the ability to adapt to your specific preferences. Enjoy Prague in a whole different way. Have a personal experience.

If you ever experienced having your own private tour guide taking you through an unknown city, you will probably never go back to normal group tours. It’s not about trying to escape others or about trying to look posh. It’s about enjoying every single minute of your stay and having no limits to what you can see in the beautiful city of Prague.

You private guide is able to adapt to your specific schedule and you have a say in everything that will happen. From when your guide picks you up at your hotel to the end of your journey, the whole tour will be personalized to fit your needs exactly. You can stop for few minutes to have a quick refreshment or just you might want to spend more time at a particular place to take great photos. Even if you just want more information about one of the sights, nobody will be pushing you to move on.

Having a private guide is the best choice especially when traveling with your family and small children. We know that there is a need to make unexpected stops, from ice cream stops to toilette breaks. That’s why our guides will always make sure that even the little ones are entertained and satisfied.


is here for you. To get your own private guide, you can email us or select “Private Guide” calendar on each tour.


We help you make your time in Prague more efficient and get the most in limited time.


Enjoy a real personal experience. Our guides love what they do and share their passion from their hearth.


No rush…no stress…tour completely tailored to your needs. And plenty of time for taking pictures or asking questions.


Families with kids always need a special treatment. We will make sure that all participants are happy and taken care off ????