Tours - Explore Prague



Prague Old Town, New Town and Jewish Quarter Tour
Time 3 hours
Price from 19 EUR
Get to know the real heart of Prague - the Old Town. A place with over 1000 years of history.
Best of Prague Tour
Time 3 hours
Price from 29 EUR
See all of Prague's most famous sights in one comprehensive 3 hour tour!
Ultimate Prague Hike
Time 7 hours
Price from 45€
Short of time? Get off the beaten path and see the entire city center in one walking tour!


Prague WWII and Communism Tour
Time 3 hours
Price from 25€
Get to know how Czechs lived under cruel totalitarian regimes in years 1939-1989...
Prague World War II Tour
Time 3,5 hours
Price from 36€
Learn fascinating story of Czechoslovakia during WWII...
Hidden Gems of Prague
Time 3 hours
Price from 36€
Let's get off the main roads and see the sights most of tourists don't have a clue about!


Kutná Hora Day Trip
Time 10 hours
Price from 75€
Stunning cathedrals, breathtaking ossuary and medieval silver mines - that's Kutna Hora!
Mělník Wine Tasting Day Trip
Time 7 hours
Price from 60€
Taste some of the best Bohemian wines in a small town with 1000 old winemaking tradition!
Terezín Fortress and Concentration Camp Tour
Time 9 hours
Price from 70€
Get to know both sides of Terezín's story - from famous military fortress to Jewish Ghetto and Gestapo Prison!
Prague Wine Tour
Time 2,5 hours
Price from 35€
Get to know why Prague was called the City of Wine and taste 5 local wines!