Prague World War II Tour - Explore Prague

Prague World War II Tour


Czechoslovakia – once proud and rich country later betrayed by its allies, to be surrounded in the middle of Europe by its enemies. Dive into fascinating stories of heroes and traitors of Czechoslovakia and see the places, where brave Czechs suffered and died for the freedom of their country.

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Professional guide

Moderate distance


  • Get to know the political background of 1930s in Europe and what led to Munich agreement
  • Learn how lives of ordinary people have changed after the occupation
  • Listen to full story of Heydrich’s assassination and visit the church where paratroopers fought their last battle
  • See the grounds where thousands of German troops marched during their propaganda parades
  • Find out how fights of Prague Uprising impacted the city center


Meet your guide at Krizovnicke Square in front of the Charles Bridge and dive into captivating stories of WWII. Your guide will introduce you into political background of 1930s and explain how Hitler convinced Czechoslovak allies to betray them in Munich.
Step by step, you’ll go with your guide through the most important events of WWII in Prague, such as assassination of Hitler’s right hand – Reinhard Heydrich – by Czech paratroopers. You’ll visit a place where they were hidden and where they fought their last battle. Cruising through the city you’ll see the former Gestapo headquarters as well as a square used by Germans to perform a monstrous parade of their troops – the biggest parade outside of Germany. On the Old Town Square you’ll hear breathtaking stories of Czechs who were defending Prague against German troops during the fights of Prague Uprising and see authentic photographs taken during and right after the fights. Throughout the war, Prague was bombed couple of times and your guide will show you its impact on the daily life of locals.
At last your guide will explain you a political background of the end of WWII, which determined the course of Czechoslovakia for the next 40 years.





3,5 hours

  • Heydrich museum entry
  • Public transport tickets
  • Expert local guide
  • Coffee Break (coffee, tea or soft drink of your choice)
  • Gratuities (optional)
Meeting point

The meeting point is at Křižovnické náměstí (small square in front of the Charles Bridge). Your guide is going to stand in front of the statue of Charles IV holding a lime green umbrella.