Hradčany and Nový Svět - BONUS - Explore Prague

We hope you enjoyed our video guide through area of Nový Svět and Hradčany…if you haven’t seen it yet check it out here: 

Now, few practical tips we can give you for your own journey around these sights:

How to get there:
Take tram no. 22 or 23 and go to Brusnice or Pohořelec tram stop. You can purchase tram tickets in the tram using card with chip or get them before the ride on metro stations or newspaper stands.

Café Nový Svět

Sometimes this café can be really busy, especially in colder months. If you want to make sure you’ll have a place to sit make a reservation – yes, Czechs are really into reservations and do them quite frequently ☺

Visiting Loreta and Strahov Monastery

If you are a students, professor or senior you might get a discount. It’s always handy to have your student card on you because quite often you might get 30-50% off the entry fee.
Also, when you get to Strahov Monastery, don’t forget to taste their microbrewed beers – you won’t regret ☺

Petřín Tower

If you decide to visit Petřín tower only or just simply reverse our itinerary, just simply take a funicular up the Petřín hill, which will bring you only few steps from the tower. Funicular is part of Prague’s public transport so you’ll need only regular public transport ticket to use it. Just don’t forget to stamp it before you get in!

So I hope you’ll enjoy these incredible sights that are not as frequently visited as many others across the city center. Let us know how you enjoyed them in comments bellow! ☺