Malá Strana Bonus Chapter - Explore Prague

Malá Strana Bonus Chapter!

Of course there are plenty other places one can visit in each of Prague’s districts, but you might be curious which places didn’t make the cut of this video? Here are some of our favorites ☺

Lokál U Bílé Kuželky

Lokál is very well known chain of restaurant is Prague, which serves good hearty Czech food and excellent beer. Their menu changes over the year so you never know what Czech delicacies they’ll have on a menu until you arrive ☺ if you’d be looking for something small which goes well with beer, try their excellent grilled sausages or Prague ham with whipped horseradish cream.


IF Café Werichova Vila

If you consider yourself a cake/pastry lover look no further than IF café. Owned by a professional pastry chef, they offer amazing cakes and pastries as well as delicious breakfasts. My secret tip is to try their Eggs Benedict – from my perspective the best ones in Prague.



Ice cream? Yes please! One of the best ice cream shops you can find in Prague is called Angelato. One of their shops can be found here on Lesser Town. Don’t get discouraged by long lines that sometimes can take 5-10 minutes – the ice cream is well worth it ☺


Do you have your own personal favorites, which we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments bellow or on our Facebook or Instagram! Also, don’t forget to stay tuned on our Instagram, where we share many other tips on awesome spots to visit in Prague!